Ultimate Guide to Betting on UK 49s in South Africa

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The UK 49s lottery is an immensely popular betting choice among South African punters, thanks to its twice-daily draws and a smaller pool of numbers which increase the odds of winning. Whether you’re at Betway, Hollywoodbets, or any other major betting platform, you’ll find that the UK 49s offers some unique opportunities to win big. In this guide, we’ll be running through how the UK49 works, and how to play on the draws from South Africa.

Why UK 49s?

Twice a day, every day, the UK 49s delivers excitement with its lunchtime and teatime draws. You don’t have to wait long to get in on the action, making it a daily ritual for many. The convenience of frequent draws and various betting options makes UK 49s a standout choice.

Draw Times for UK 49s

  • Lunchtime Draw: 14:30
  • Teatime Draw: 19:30

Note that times can vary slightly depending on the season, but rest assured, most betting sites provide a countdown so you never miss out.

Understanding UK 49s

In the UK 49s, you’re betting on the outcome of 6 drawn numbers plus a bonus ball from a set of 49. You can bet with or without the bonus ball, and you can choose from various betting types, from predicting a single number to guessing all six correctly.

How to Bet on the UK 49s

Here’s a simple step-by-step guide to get you started:

  1. Choose a Betting Site: Visit platforms like Hollywoodbets or Betway, or which ever betting site you have an account with.
  2. Navigate to Lotteries: Look for the ‘Lotteries’ or ‘Lucky Numbers’ tab.
  3. Find UK 49s: Use the search function if it’s not immediately visible.
  4. Explore Betting Options: Select from Regular Draw, Bonus Ball, Over/Under, and more.
  5. Place Your Bets: Choose your numbers or sums, check the odds, and put down your bet.
  6. Confirm and Wait: Finalize your bet and await the draw.

Betting Options and Odds

You can place bets on specific numbers, the total sum of the numbers, or whether the numbers will be odd or even. Here are some typical odds:

  • Single number correct (without bonus): 7/1
  • Two numbers correct (without bonus): 65/1
  • Full house (six numbers with bonus): 120,000/1

Making Smart Choices

The UK 49s allows you to tailor your betting strategy. Whether you prefer safe, low-odds bets or high-stakes, high-reward plays, it’s all about your personal risk tolerance. If you’re unsure of what numbers to choose, why not look to your dreams? Our Lucky Numbers & Fafi Dream Guide can help turn your subconscious musings into potentially winning numbers!

Dream Big with UK 49s

Dream-inspired betting can be an exciting way to engage with lotteries. If you believe in the power of your dreams or just want a fun new method to pick numbers, check out our Lucky Numbers Dream Guide and see if you can find your lucky numbers in the whimsy of your night-time visions.


The UK 49s offers a dynamic betting experience with its twice-daily draws and a variety of wagering options. Whether you’re playing for fun or aiming for big wins, the UK 49s brings the thrill of lottery games directly to your fingertips in South Africa. Remember to bet wisely and enjoy the game responsibly!